GNB_MODEL Included in the State Register of Software Applications

GNB_MODEL software developed by Global Marine Design has been included in the State Register of Software Applications.

It is designed to perform calculations for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) projects during feasibility studies and design. It can be used as an additional tool for preliminary assessment of technical risks in the course of author supervision or engineering support activities.
This software allows to perform calculations and modeling for the following design sections related to HDD:

  • geotechnical study;
  • drill path design;
  • drill rig selection;
  • pilot hole drilling method selection;
  • drilling fluid volume and properties;
  • hydraulic program;
  • drill string stress pattern;
  • loads on rock destructing drilling tools;
  • drilling fluid flow veloicity from drill heads;
  • overbend propel effort.
The software is certified according to GOST R 54593-2011 "Information Technology (IT). Copyleft Software. General Provisions".